Maricarmen Christmas 2020

The end of 2020

The year 2020 is over.

A difficult year for some, terrible for others; strange and complex for all.

At Eyesynth we are fortunate to be still standing and moving forward.

We would like our last post of this 2020 to be made by a very special person for us: Mari Carmen Martínez Bru. In case you don’t know her, we recommend you to see her in this link.

We leave you with her words, and wishing you a 2021 of hope and prosperity.


Time passed and in despite of this… Christmas arrived, a strange Christmas without songs, lights or reunions to enjoy…

Concluding a new year; a strange year … We were robbed of kisses, hugs and sometimes… loved ones. But here we are, standing ready to go on. Eyesynth, working. Me… dreaming.

In these days of silent laughter, shy carols, silent kisses that travel fast as we never imagined love could fly… In these days when we learned to embrace with our eyes, to kiss with our words and to love in the distance with the union of the heart… In these grey days, … but full of emotion … we extend our arms in the form of a message and we thank everyone, those who were, those who are and those who will come to support our project, …my dream.

Eyesynth continues, after all. With all my support, fighting together as a team, doing my part which is simply to dream and allow others to dream my dreams.

Christmas is here. And my wish this year is, like almost all of us, that the little enemy who destroys our lives will go away forever and ever… and secondly, if the Christmas Elf allows me to wish more, I wish with all my soul… that all of you who are excited about my dream, about Eyesynth’s dream, do not stop dreaming… I want to fly beyond, and if you want it… do not forget… we will fly even further…


Mari Carmen Martínez Bru


We’re still on track

Hello to all our friends.

This 2020 has begun in a really difficult way. We hope you’ll forgive us for the silence we’ve had this time. Like so many others, we have been immersed in the Covid-19 storm. Trying to help and survive. By helping, we have put a lot of time and effort into printing 3D respirator valves and other tools needed to help the Healthcare workers in their incredible job; by surviving we have had to face suppliers with problems, manufacturers who no longer make necessary components for our glasses… adapting our designs and fitting everything back in order to continue. The Covid has also reached out to individuals and families in our team. Fortunately, they are recovered and again ready to continue.

This storm has affected our internal activity, communication and social networks.

We hope you understand the circumstances.

In any case, we are happy to tell you that we are moving forward! Right now we have blind people in mind more than ever: Their courage, tenacity and self-improvement give us the strength to stand up and continue.

Thank you.

Eyesynth goes on.

Happy 2020

We bid farewell to 2019, a year of great challenges (and also difficulties that we have been overcoming little by little). We have concluded the project with the European Commission, to which we are eternally grateful for their exceptional support. They have helped us to complete an extremely complex process, the industrialisation phase. Now, flying solo, we are still immersed in the manufacturing process. We are aware that we did not reach the speed we would like in this process; we are still a small StartUp. From here we want to give thanks and a big hug to all those people who still trust us. Thank you for your patience and the encouragement you give us. Together we will complete this project.
We are sure that 2020 will be a good year.
From Eyesynth we wish you a happy 2020, full of health and prosperity.
The Eyesynth Team

Digital Tech&Trends Summit. Best Social Startup

Today we are honored to announce that we have been awarded the Tech&Trends Summit Award for Best Social Project 2019. The organization, DIR&GE, is the leading online communication platform in the executive environment in Spain and defines these Awards as “the recognition of professionals and companies that are taking advantage of opportunities offered by innovation and new technological developments to adapt to digital reality and improve the user experience; whether through the creation of new business concepts, the design of disruptive projects or for the transformative and inspiring leadership of their work”.

We would like to thank the organization and congratulate the winners of the different categories of this edition.

Production goes on

It’s summer, the heat is strong but we’re still on the frontline.
The production of parts continues. Our suppliers in France, Denmark and Spain are sending the first batches of parts, ready to be inspected and prepared for the production line.
We will keep you informed of the progress.

Keiretsu Forum Spain, Best Project.

The Keiretsu Investment Forum welcomes Startups and Investors in a space that encourages investment and the growth and consolidation of business projects. Eyesynth attended the events in Tarragona and Madrid, and receoved the award of Best Project at both.
From here, our thanks to the Organization and the Jury.

AED Spain Prize. Executive of the Year.

The Spanish Association of Executives has announced the 2019 Finalists for Executive Of The Year, in the categories of Large Company, SME and Startup. In the latter, the finalists are Javier Arroyo (CEO of Smartick), Laura Urquizu (CEO of Red Points) and Antonio Quesada, CEO of Eyesynth.
The AED Awards were launched in 1992 with the aim of recognizing the best professionals in business management, underlining the values and ethical principles that should guide their actions and highlighting their contribution to the progress of society.
UPDATE 12/06/2019
Laura Urquizu, CEO of Red Points, was awarded in the Startup category. Congratulations Laura; it is undoubtedly a well-deserved award.

European Project completed

After two years of work, today we announce the completion of the joint project with the European Commission. More than a thousand pages of documentation cover the industrialisation process that we have designed with the support of the Commission. These last few months we have been immersed in the audit process, both technical and financial. We have completed them with very high ratings.
We would like to express our gratitude to the staff of the Commission: Officers, Evaluators, Representatives and the Overseas Team. We have learned a great deal and enjoyed working with them.
Now, a new chapter: Manufacturing. It is going to be a complex road, no doubt. But we are prepared to face it.
We will keep you informed along the way.

Intense 2018

We’re closing the year and it’s time to review. This year has been one of the most intense since we started this adventure. Our ambition has always been great; we created Eyesynth with the aim of developing a powerful tool that could change the lives of many people, and we are getting closer and closer to making this possible.

This year the Eyesynths have travelled more than ever: We started the year by presenting the prototype at the CES in Las Vegas, the world’s largest consumer electronics and technology fair; we took them to Naidex in the UK, one of the world’s leading assistive technology fairs. We stopped at the EIC Innovators Summit in Berlin, and we have not stopped presenting our prototype in Spain as well.

Undoubtedly all this work has been compensated with the recent recognition by the European Commission giving us the award for best Startup in Europe in the Social category. The latest recognitions have come from the MIT Enterprise Forum, which has recognised Eyesynth as the Best Social or Sustainable Company and Globalis Foundation, which has awarded us its annual prize for Innovation.

All the members of the Eyesynth team are very proud and grateful for all the support and advice you are giving us, in short, for being part of this community that we are creating with much affection and effort.

Thinking of the next 365 days as 365 opportunities to surprise you.


See you soon!

Globalis Award 2018

We are very pleased to announce that we have received the Globalis Foundation Award, 2018.

On this occasion, from Vila-Real (Castellón) we are awarded a prize as a company for our technical innovation and social content. We would like to thank the Jury and the Foundation for their recognition, of which we are very proud. Congratulations to the other winners.