Stay informed with Eyesynth


We feed healthy senses with information related to the damaged sense.
Information is filtered and translated for the new sensorial channel.
We enhance the hearing experience with spatial information.
The brain does the rest of the work. And how it does it!

Works in 3D

You can identify shapes and spaces, measure depth and locate objects accurately, as well as increase your perception and safety when you walk.

Easy to use

The learning process is simple and natural. The sound is abstract, no words are used. Use the full potential of your brain; The more you use it, the less you need to concentrate.

Cochlear Audio

The sound is transmitted through the bones of the head, so the ears are free to hear everything else. Comfortable and hygienic.

8 Hours of Autonomy

Our technology allows use of the Smartglasses for a continuous period of up to eight hours.