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Eyesynth NIIRA

Your New Freedom to Move: Meet NIIRA

NIIRA Smart Glasses

Electronic glasses for blindness and low vision, with unique design and features.

Logo 3D

It works in 3D

The User can identify shapes and spaces: he is able to measure depth and locate objects with precision.

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Natural and Intuitive

No words are used. We use a sound language that is very (very) easy to learn. It is surprisingly natural.

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Bone Conduction Audio

Sound is transmitted through the skull, leaving your ears free to hear your surroundings.

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Long battery life

The hardware has powerful performance and very low power consumption: up to ten hours of continuous operation.

A new Perception is born.

We call it “Augmented Sense”: We provide the ear with visual information, augmenting its function.
Sight and hearing are two senses that have something in common: they are very effective at perceiving space.

At Eyesynth we have designed a system that allows us to convert the space around us into sound, in a way never seen before. It is a simple way of translating visual data into auditory data. Thanks to this, we can perceive three-dimensional information through the ear.

And the most amazing thing is how easy it is to use. You will perceive your surroundings in a radically new way.

Mujer llevando las gafas Eyesynth

Discover a new space.

NIIRA allows two working modes: Tracking and Panoramic.  With the first, only the center of the image is analyzed. You will have to turn your head sideways, like you turn the white cane.

This is the easiest mode. Panoramic mode allows you to listen to the whole environment at once. You will perceive objects and free spaces to your right and left, in the background, and close to you. This mode is ideal for moving in the street. In addition, you can set various distances of use: from one to five meters. So, you can adjust them for when you are indoors or outdoors.

With NIIRA you will be able to perceive what the white cane or the dog does not allow: Aerial obstacles. Branches, awnings or elevated elements will be perceived up to five meters in advance.

You will feel immersed in a new space. Explore it.

Joven sonriendo con las gafas eyesynth

Incredibly easy to use.

It doesn’t matter how old you are.

All that matters is your desire to experiment, to go further.

You have already traveled the hardest path. Now, you can push the limits you’ve already surpassed even more. And with a technology that is very easy to use.

The sound makes you feel the spaces and objects in front of you. You will easily perceive your surroundings, in the most intuitive and natural way imaginable.

Persona mayor sonriendo con las gafas de eyesynth

Listen, but not with your ears

We have integrated a spectacular audio system into the glasses.
How can we transmit sound without interfering with or blocking your ears? With a bone conduction audio system. The audio is transmitted through the skull, reaching the cochlear nerve. In this way, the ear is free to hear the rest of everyday sounds.

And, just like that, we eliminate hearing stress, as we don’t use the eardrum to listen to NIIRA.

Our audio is immersive but does not interfere with the other sounds in your daily life.

Joven corriendo con las gafas de eyesynth

Adapts to your needs

NIIRA will adapt to your needs, whether you have partial or total vision loss. You can fit the lenses you need.

The information provided by the system will be completed with your residual vision.

Your brain will be in charge of combining them – you can’t even imagine the power this has!

Joven con las gafas de eyesynth

With an eye to the future.

We have developed really powerful hardware and software, ready to last for years. And to grow during that time.

On our roadmap, we have numerous features and applications that will further multiply the possibilities of the system. And best of all, NIIRA will update itself automatically, as soon as it connects via WIFI to the Internet.

Joven sonriendo con las gafas de eyesynth

The most powerful Intelligence, at your service.

We integrate the most powerful image description: The tool that increases your independence to a higher level. Its simplicity is matched only by its power. Just take a picture with your NIIRA at the touch of a button. She will take care of the rest.

From now on, she will explain in detail what you have in front of you.
Discover landscapes, rooms and objects. Get to know their details.

(Internet connection required: Wi-Fi or connection shared by your Smartphone).

The most advanced Perception System

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Real-time audio

Image processing is done instantaneously. System response is immediate, with no delays.

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It works in the dark

Thanks to its laser projector, NIIRA can operate in total darkness.

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High precision

NIIRA is capable of detecting objects at a height of one millimeter. The sound at that scale is subtle, but distinguishable.

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Full perception

She provides unparalleled perception of aerial and terrestrial obstacles within a range of five meters. A one-of-a-kind technology. And safer.

Logo de un rayo

Super battery

It allows up to ten hours of continuous operation. You can also extend the battery life by connecting a powerbank to your system.

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NIIRA is future-proof. She has the processing power for new applications and functions that will be expanded by software, via your WIFI

Do you like them?

You can buy them here.

For your peace of mind, you will have 30 days to test them thoroughly when you buy them. If you don’t like them, we’ll give you your money back (as long as the system and packaging are in perfect condition, of course).

Frequently Asked Questions

Not at the moment. We are currently making a progressive deployment in Spain. We want to ensure the best technical and personal assistance to our Users. We will gradually expand our frontiers, always with the aim of offering the best Customer Service.

As soon as we check that the payment has been made, we will prepare the shipment with a transport agency. It usually takes no more than 48 hours.

Of course you do. The law establishes a 15-day trial period, but we extend it to 30 days so that you can test and adapt at your leisure.

You have 30 days to return the equipment, and your money will be refunded. Of course, the equipment and the packaging must be returned in perfect condition. Once this has been checked, your money will be refunded.

You have a two-year warranty covering manufacturing defects. Please keep the invoice that we send you, it is the proof of date.

Please note that this warranty does not cover breakage due to accident, loss, theft, or damage due to misuse (e.g. water entering the system).



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