And finally a prototype arrived home

Mari Carmen tries a prototype

August. We were finally able to send a prototype to Mari Carmen’s home. She would test it for a month to give us her impressions and to be able to refine the points that could be improved. But we not only wanted to know parameters, measurements, performance, ergonomics; we wanted sensations. Here is her text, […]

Mari Carmen’s Gaze

I’m not much of a social network guy. It’s true that I’d like to have a little more time for them. However, we are closing the year and I’m going to take a few seconds to reflect and share something that I think is beautiful. Mari Carmen Martínez, a tester of our system (and at […]

María José Cervera Martínez: My experience with Eyesynth

At first I listened with my eyes, then I learned to see without seeing, with blindness there are only two things, your hands and your ears. The first time I heard about Eyesynth was through a colleague from ONCE, and I immediately wanted to know what it was. So I got in touch with Antonio […]

Eyesynth at CES 2018

The Eyesynth team had an amazing experience at this year´s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. It was a tremendous honor to exhibit our technology at the largest and most prestigious technology trade fair in the world, especially considering the fact that our company is only two years old. First, we´d like to thank […]

My first time using Eyesynth

When I first heard about what the Eyesynth system will be able to offer me, I couldn´t quite believe it…¨Glasses that will permit me to see by hearing? ¨ I tried to imagine how cameras located on top of the actual glasses frame could capture images and convert them into a sound that I could […]

New soft trial Pablo

Today Pablo has been able to test the new firmware version of the system. A much more refined version to which Pablo has quickly become aware of its benefits. Now the audio response is even more immediate and accurate. The system is capable of detecting and displaying pieces that are 2mm high on a table. […]

Ergonomics tests with Pablo

Today with Pablo, our betatester, we have been doing ergonomics tests. The new design of the glasses is much lighter and more comfortable than the first prototypes. Even so, we are further refining the design in terms of comfort, materials, weight distribution … and also appearance. Soon we will publish images of the new designs […]

Welcome Day Brussels

Today we are in Brussels, invited by the European Commission to the Welcome Day of the SME Instrument. We will meet other beneficiaries of the Horizon 2020 programme, and we hope to have some productive networking. In addition, we will present the project to the audience. Furthermore, we will meet in person with our Official, […]

Trials with Jorge Martinez

Jorge Martinez and his family have come to visit us today. Jorge has been able to test the Eyesynth System, and he has helped us by giving feedback of his sensations. We must say that Jorge has performed fantastically. Many thanks, family!

First trial with Pablo Cantero

Today Pablo Cantero ( has made his first test with the Eyesynth System. Pablo is our official beta-tester, and will help us develop the system. Welcome aboard, Pablo!