August. We were finally able to send a prototype to Mari Carmen’s home. She would test it for a month to give us her impressions and to be able to refine the points that could be improved. But we not only wanted to know parameters, measurements, performance, ergonomics; we wanted sensations. Here is her text, which she wanted to share with all of you…

There is nothing in life that we have never imagined before. This was no exception. I imagined, I dreamt it, I lived it in another dimension and I let go.  It was then that the magic of life manifested. A call that triggered everything. Without reflecting, without thinking about how or why I suddenly found myself in my reality, my close reality but seen with a new way of perception, at last, yes at last, those glasses transported me to my childhood when I ran free without fear of anything except witches, monsters or ghosts, and now … something inexplicable moved me to fly, to increase my freedom step by step, my freedom that always existed but that now through the wings that I felt in my being increased almost to the point of making me float.

 They were walks among trees, flowers, tables with cold drinks and towels in the sun … all with the smell of holidays, summer, laughter and candy.

On one of those walks I sat on this chair, on this terrace without borders or time, and looking at the sky without seeing – but seeing – without intending to, I continued dreaming. I dreamt of everyone. I dreamt of a new universe. I dreamt of my soul mate, that flame that came to be my own reflection… without warning… subtle as a butterfly that softly landed on the flower of my heart and rested there. I dreamt of my people, those people who are always there; and I dreamt of those who later joined my dream and stayed by my side…. I dreamt of all of you, you who are part of my story and at that moment I could only experience a feeling of deep gratitude. Gratitude to life for all that it has given me, for those of you who have taught me, for those of you who have loved me …. Gratitude for being here, in this eternal present in which reigns an infinite light projected by those eyes that have changed everything, those eyes that for years have been living in me without realizing it and now… at last they have opened wide for me, illuminating to the bottom of my heart, right in the exact place where the purest love emerges.

Thanks to the staff of Eyesynth who make this project possible in spite of the setbacks and thanks to all of you who despite the time continue to be committed to Eyesynth, which is more than a project, it is our dream. 



Mari Carmen Martínez Bru

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