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Pre-order: Money receipt for the reservation of one unit of the EYESYNTH system, which will be sent to the Client when it enters the production and distribution phase, which is estimated to take place in Q1, 2021.
The price of this pre-order is 412, 40 € (plus the Value Added Tax when applicable).

Special Early Bird price: The price of the EYESYNTH system for the first hundred clients of the pre-order will be 1400 € (plus the Value Added Tax when applicable). The pre-order deposit will be discounted from the final price.

Standard price: After the hundredth order, the price of the EYESYNTH system will be 2,000 € (plus the Value Added Tax when applicable). The pre-order deposit will be discounted from the final price.

EYESYNTH S.L. will make public the number of pre-orders made, so that clients can be aware of their applicable price before confirming their pre-order.

EYESYNTH System: Is a device developed by EYESYNTH S.L. It’s an audio visual system for the visually impaired which consists of glasses that register information in three dimensions, and a microcomputer which processes this information and converts it into audio that is understandable for the visually impaired.

Client: Person who pays the pre-order deposit with the intention of acquiring the EYESYNTH system at its moment of distribution.


When introducing the corresponding data and paying the pre-order deposit, the Client obtains the right to acquire the EYESYNTH system for the corresponding price (early bird or standard), at the moment when the glasses enter the production and distribution phase.

After receipt of the pre-order deposit, EYESYNTH S.L. will issue the corresponding bill to the Client.

We estimate that the distribution of the glasses will start in Q1 of 2021. This date could be extended to December of 2021.

Once distribution starts, EYESYNTH S.L. will contact those clients that have made the pre-order deposit to receive the rest of the payment plus shipping costs, after which the glasses will be sent to them.

In the event that the glasses cannot be distributed in May of 2021, EYESYNTH S.L. will refund the entire amount of the pre-order to the Client, with the exception that the Client specifically accepts a new delivery date.

The Client assumes and specifically accepts that the pre-order payment will be used to finance production costs, and for this reason no cancellation of pre-orders will be accepted once they are made. In the case that the Client refuses to pay the remaining amount once distribution of the glasses is started, EYESYNTH S.L. will return 50% of the amount of the pre-order, retaining 50% of the amount paid as costs of production management.

When making a pre-order, the Client fully accepts the present conditions.

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