Entries by Eyesynth

First trial with Pablo Cantero

Today Pablo Cantero (Pablocanterolopez.com) has made his first test with the Eyesynth System. Pablo is our official beta-tester, and will help us develop the system. Welcome aboard, Pablo!

Outside trials with Miguel Benages

Today Miguel Benages (Director of the ONCE in Castellón) has been able to test the Eyesynth system in an open air environment, specifically in the Grao pine forest of Castellón. It’s our first outdoor test, and who better than Miguel to do it. The results have been great.

Eyesynth, finalist at the 2015 Everis Awards

After passing the preliminary phase, Eyesynth has been selected as a finalist in the Everis Foundation Entrepreneurs Awards,  “Technologies of the Information and Digital Economy¨ category. This year’s competition attracted more than 1200 projects from Spain, Portugal and Latin America.

First trials with Ferran

Today we have begun preliminary trials of the Eyesynth system with Ferran (nine years old), our first beta-tester. The results have been very promising. We had tests prepared for several days … and he completed them all in one afternoon! This gives us two important clues: 1 .- The system is assimilated by the user […]