Intense 2018

We’re closing the year and it’s time to review. This year has been one of the most intense since we started this adventure. Our ambition has always been great; we created Eyesynth with the aim of developing a powerful tool that could change the lives of many people, and we are getting closer and closer to making this possible.

This year the Eyesynths have travelled more than ever: We started the year by presenting the prototype at the CES in Las Vegas, the world’s largest consumer electronics and technology fair; we took them to Naidex in the UK, one of the world’s leading assistive technology fairs. We stopped at the EIC Innovators Summit in Berlin, and we have not stopped presenting our prototype in Spain as well.

Undoubtedly all this work has been compensated with the recent recognition by the European Commission giving us the award for best Startup in Europe in the Social category. The latest recognitions have come from the MIT Enterprise Forum, which has recognised Eyesynth as the Best Social or Sustainable Company and Globalis Foundation, which has awarded us its annual prize for Innovation.

All the members of the Eyesynth team are very proud and grateful for all the support and advice you are giving us, in short, for being part of this community that we are creating with much affection and effort.

Thinking of the next 365 days as 365 opportunities to surprise you.


See you soon!

Mari Carmen’s Gaze

I’m not much of a social network guy. It’s true that I’d like to have a little more time for them. However, we are closing the year and I’m going to take a few seconds to reflect and share something that I think is beautiful.

Mari Carmen Martínez, a tester of our system (and at this point a good friend), some time ago wrote us a text with her impressions of her journey with us. As we read it, the whole team was absolutely thrilled by its depth. In a way, her reflections and conclusions are for us one of the most important milestones of our work: to see that beyond technique, challenges and engineering, our work has meaning in other people’s lives. And what impresses us most is that it not only serves to assist in daily life; it also serves to enlighten, to plan new things and even to dream.

Mari Carmen’s text is full of feelings, realities, desires and also images. That’s why, after reading it, we realized that we had to show it and dress it properly. We recorded images, put on music, and Mari Carmen gave the voice. So, the magic and the feeling that emanate from the video are thanks to her. And also to her family, a group of fantastic people that we have had the pleasure of meeting.

I would also like to thank our friends from MySweet, a wonderful place where they gave us all the facilities (and good coffee) to record Mari Carmen.

2018 has been a complex year, sometimes complicated, but above all intense. And we are very proud to have it summarized it in a video like Mari Carmen´s.

I’d like to send a very strong hug to each and every one of the people who have helped us this year: testers, friends, partners, members, anonymous people who send us messages of support, suppliers, colleagues, and especially to all those who with infinite patience are still waiting for us to bring the glasses to the stores.

2019 is going to be a good year, and we can’t wait to start it.


Antonio Quesada.

Globalis Award 2018

We are very pleased to announce that we have received the Globalis Foundation Award, 2018.

On this occasion, from Vila-Real (Castellón) we are awarded a prize as a company for our technical innovation and social content. We would like to thank the Jury and the Foundation for their recognition, of which we are very proud. Congratulations to the other winners.

Awarded at the MIT Enterprise Forum

Good news!
We have received the “Best Company in a Social or Sustainable Scope” Award from the “Investors Forum – MIT Enterprise Forum” held in Madrid.
We are very grateful for the award, and proud that such an important Institution is echoing our work.

Congratulations to the other awarded projects.