New soft trial Pablo

Today Pablo has been able to test the new firmware version of the system. A much more refined version to which Pablo has quickly become aware of its benefits. Now the audio response is even more immediate and accurate. The system is capable of detecting and displaying pieces that are 2mm high on a table. […]

Ergonomics tests with Pablo

Today with Pablo, our betatester, we have been doing ergonomics tests. The new design of the glasses is much lighter and more comfortable than the first prototypes. Even so, we are further refining the design in terms of comfort, materials, weight distribution … and also appearance. Soon we will publish images of the new designs […]

Awarded by Onda Cero

We have been awarded the Onda Cero Innovation Award in Castellón de la Plana (Comunidad Valenciana). From here, our thanks to Onda Cero and to all those who have helped us reach this point. Thank you!