The year 2020 is over.

A difficult year for some, terrible for others; strange and complex for all.

At Eyesynth we are fortunate to be still standing and moving forward.

We would like our last post of this 2020 to be made by a very special person for us: Mari Carmen Martínez Bru. In case you don’t know her, we recommend you to see her in this link.

We leave you with her words, and wishing you a 2021 of hope and prosperity.


Time passed and in despite of this… Christmas arrived, a strange Christmas without songs, lights or reunions to enjoy…

Concluding a new year; a strange year … We were robbed of kisses, hugs and sometimes… loved ones. But here we are, standing ready to go on. Eyesynth, working. Me… dreaming.

In these days of silent laughter, shy carols, silent kisses that travel fast as we never imagined love could fly… In these days when we learned to embrace with our eyes, to kiss with our words and to love in the distance with the union of the heart… In these grey days, … but full of emotion … we extend our arms in the form of a message and we thank everyone, those who were, those who are and those who will come to support our project, …my dream.

Eyesynth continues, after all. With all my support, fighting together as a team, doing my part which is simply to dream and allow others to dream my dreams.

Christmas is here. And my wish this year is, like almost all of us, that the little enemy who destroys our lives will go away forever and ever… and secondly, if the Christmas Elf allows me to wish more, I wish with all my soul… that all of you who are excited about my dream, about Eyesynth’s dream, do not stop dreaming… I want to fly beyond, and if you want it… do not forget… we will fly even further…


Mari Carmen Martínez Bru

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