We are very pleased to announce our partnership with Ortofon AS, the world leader in premium audio electronics.

After months of information exchange and preparation of the engineering processes, we traveled to Denmark to take a further step in the quest of excellence for Eyesynth. We were pleased to sign a partnership agreement with Ortofon, a pioneering Danish manufacturer in the audio electronics industry.


The company has specialized since 1918 in high-precision components (especially high-end turntable capsules) and manufactures the world’s most advanced and refined bone conduction systems, backed by medical studies and patents.




“We are honored to partner with such a prestigious Brand; It guarantees that Eyesynth will have the best bone conduction audio system in the world.”

Antonio Quesada, CEO of Eyesynth.

“We are always looking for new applications for our products, and Eyesynth fits in perfectly with the field of technologies we want to be present in. ¨

Christen H. Nielsen, CEO of Ortofon.


Ortofon has therefore designed a special audio device that will be part of the overall Eyesynth system. This device is integrated into the temple of the glasses, employing the use of vibration to transmit sound through the skull with the greatest precision.




We at Eyesynth are very proud to use the “Audio Powered by Ortofon” label.

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