The Eyesynth team had an amazing experience at this year´s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. It was a tremendous honor to exhibit our technology at the largest and most prestigious technology trade fair in the world, especially considering the fact that our company is only two years old.

First, we´d like to thank the European Commission Horizon2020 SME Instrument program for giving us the opportunity to participate in this year´s event as one of the 15 most innovative companies in Europe. We know how competitive the selection process was, which makes us even more grateful to have had this opportunity.

The CES event ended up being almost a year-long process for Eyesynth, from the moment we submitted our application, to receiving the confirmation that we had been selected to attend, to attending conference calls with our counterparts to receive information about organization and booth logistics, to designing what our booth would look like, to renting the television necessary to perform our demo, to sending the additional material necessary for the demo and making sure it passed U.S. customs and made it to Las Vegas in time for the show, to renting an apartment and a vehicle, to traveling 26 hours with multiple stops to arrive in Las Vegas from Spain, and finally exhibiting our technology at the show. All in all it resulted in a breathtaking, intense, but most of all rewarding experience.

What impacted me the most from our presence at CES was the amount of positive feedback and goodwill that we received from the hundreds of people who visited our booth to try our demo throughout the week. We believe at Eyesynth that we have a very strong product that can be a new mobility standard for the blind and visually impaired. It is a company imperative, however, to place the opinion of our users at the forefront of everything that we do. To that end, their input, as well as those of their carers, and other stakeholders such as ophthalmologists, is invaluable to us.

At CES, we received an incredible amount of positive feedback about the Eyesynth system. Words like ¨amazing ¨, ¨game changer¨, ¨revolutionary¨, or ¨the most interesting technology at CES¨ were descriptions that we heard often to describe our device. I know that for our team it´s very gratifying to hear words like these, as it reinforces our sense of purpose to improve the lives of the blind and visually impaired community.

While the feedback received was what impacted me the most from the event, what made me the most proud was the effort and contributions of the entire Eyesynth team to make CES 2018 as successful as it turned out to be for us. I´d like to mention our CTO Alberto Fernandez and his team of engineers (Andres, Jose Carlos, Edy) that worked tirelessly before and during the event to make sure the system was running at peak performance for our demos, Dani Fuertes for helping out with everything from email list segmentation and mailings to packaging, Carpe Diem Communications for disseminating news about our presence at the event to the media, and of course Antonio Quesada who made everything come together. I´d also like to mention Kally Umana and Shariann Carlo, who worked with us as hostesses at our booth and acted like they were part of our company from day one. We have a truly committed, passionate team at Eyesynth that rose to the occasion to give its very best for this event.

On a personal note, it was very gratifying to me to return to my home country representing an incredible team and company. I left Las Vegas with the firm belief that, with this team, the very best is yet to come for Eyesynth. #onwards#2018herewecome

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