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The end of 2020

The year 2020 is over. A difficult year for some, terrible for others; strange and complex for all. At Eyesynth we are fortunate to be still standing and moving forward. We would like our last post of this 2020 to be made by a very special person for us: Mari Carmen Martínez Bru. In case […]

We’re still on track

Hello to all our friends. This 2020 has begun in a really difficult way. We hope you’ll forgive us for the silence we’ve had this time. Like so many others, we have been immersed in the Covid-19 storm. Trying to help and survive. By helping, we have put a lot of time and effort into […]

Happy 2020

We bid farewell to 2019, a year of great challenges (and also difficulties that we have been overcoming little by little). We have concluded the project with the European Commission, to which we are eternally grateful for their exceptional support. They have helped us to complete an extremely complex process, the industrialisation phase. Now, flying […]

Digital Tech&Trends Summit. Best Social Startup

Today we are honored to announce that we have been awarded the Tech&Trends Summit Award for Best Social Project 2019. The organization, DIR&GE, is the leading online communication platform in the executive environment in Spain and defines these Awards as “the recognition of professionals and companies that are taking advantage of opportunities offered by innovation […]

Production goes on

It’s summer, the heat is strong but we’re still on the frontline. The production of parts continues. Our suppliers in France, Denmark and Spain are sending the first batches of parts, ready to be inspected and prepared for the production line. We will keep you informed of the progress.

Keiretsu Forum Spain, Best Project.

The Keiretsu Investment Forum welcomes Startups and Investors in a space that encourages investment and the growth and consolidation of business projects. Eyesynth attended the events in Tarragona and Madrid, and receoved the award of Best Project at both. From here, our thanks to the Organization and the Jury. https://www.keiretsuforum.es/exito-en-el-i-foro-de-inversion-keiretsu-forum-cambra-tarragona/ https://www.keiretsuforum.com/

AED Spain Prize. Executive of the Year.

The Spanish Association of Executives has announced the 2019 Finalists for Executive Of The Year, in the categories of Large Company, SME and Startup. In the latter, the finalists are Javier Arroyo (CEO of Smartick), Laura Urquizu (CEO of Red Points) and Antonio Quesada, CEO of Eyesynth. The AED Awards were launched in 1992 with […]

European Project completed

After two years of work, today we announce the completion of the joint project with the European Commission. More than a thousand pages of documentation cover the industrialisation process that we have designed with the support of the Commission. These last few months we have been immersed in the audit process, both technical and financial. […]

Intense 2018

We’re closing the year and it’s time to review. This year has been one of the most intense since we started this adventure. Our ambition has always been great; we created Eyesynth with the aim of developing a powerful tool that could change the lives of many people, and we are getting closer and closer […]

Globalis Award 2018

We are very pleased to announce that we have received the Globalis Foundation Award, 2018. On this occasion, from Vila-Real (Castellón) we are awarded a prize as a company for our technical innovation and social content. We would like to thank the Jury and the Foundation for their recognition, of which we are very proud. […]