Enhamed Enhamed joins Eyesynth

Today we´re excited to announce a new member of our team, Enhamed Enhamed, a Paralympic athlete, medalist, and currently business coach and speaker.

Enhamed has an impressive career, with nine Olympic medals in swimming, of which four are gold. He has achieved numerous top level challenges, such as swimming across the Strait of Gibraltar, or completing an Ironman. He currently uses his knowledge and techniques to advise companies and corporations on how to take on new challenges and break down barriers.

All these facets, coupled with extensive knowledge of existing assistive technologies, make Enhamed a perfect ally for Eyesynth. His mission will be to test and improve our system in depth: usability, interface and functionalities´ planning.

At Eyesynth we are proud of this new signing.

Welcome, Enhamed.

European Startup of the Year

November 14, 2018. A memorable date for us. It is the day we received the European Startup Award in the Social category.
After passing the regional phase, we remained as finalists representing Spain. And finally, on the 14th we received the coveted prize. It is a huge recognition for us. Our work receives very important visibility and prestige. We are extremely grateful to the Jury, the Organization and the European Commission for this new impulse. We also want to congratulate the Finalists and Winners of the other categories.

The Eyesynth Team