StartUp EU Awards Nomination

After our success at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, here we are to share another new achievement with you all: We are nominated for the StartUp Europe Awards (SEUA) 2017!

We were chosen to become one of the best StartUps in Europe thanks to the nomination of the European Commission and the Finnova Foundation in the Social category, which has selected us as one of the 17 leading Spanish startups of 2017. Both organisations have been committed to innovation and effort in each edition, supporting entrepreneurs at local, regional, national and even European level.

The SEUAs are one more step on the way to making us known internationally, generating more visibility and awareness about our project. This is certainly an excellent opportunity, as the “Startups Innovation Awards” are fully supported by major bodies, including the European Parliament, the Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions.

We will participate with Kowat, Solatom, Tyris Software, Broomx Technologies, Gamco, Zapiens, Wide Eyes, Plactherm, Bnext, WeTech, Uncovercity, Welegal, Fuvex, Azahar Management and HomySpace.

As we always say: We’re still working! This has just begun and we have big events and opportunities ahead of us for these months. We’ll keep you posted on everything.

Now, we can only wait for the decision and thank the StartUp Europe Awards 2017 for our nomination.

The StartUp Europe Awards (SEUA) 2017 final will take place on 15 October in Sofia (Bulgaria).

Naidex: Top Tech in U.K.

Here we are once again to update you on our news. On the 25th and 26th of this month we will have the pleasure and privilege of participating in the Naidex event, the largest and most internationally recognized European event in the field of assistive technology for people with disabilities.

Naidex, held in Birmingham, attracts more than 12,000 visitors from around the world each year. This will be its 44th edition and it continues to offer a space of inclusion in which, edition after edition, professionals from the world of health, technology, and tourism come together to present the most innovative products on the global market. There will be more than 300 exhibitors at the event. And we will be one of them, showing our glasses that can improve the lives of many people.

We share a lot in common with Naidex, for example their inclusive philosophy that sees the world in a positive way and with an encouraging future for all through inclusion, efficiency, accessibility and empowerment.

We are certainly looking forward to the date with great enthusiasm. We´re working hard to offer the best of ourselves, as this is another great opportunity to show our technology outside our borders.

We’ll tell you about it when we return from Naidex!

María José Cervera Martínez: My experience with Eyesynth

At first I listened with my eyes, then I learned to see without seeing, with blindness there are only two things, your hands and your ears. The first time I heard about Eyesynth was through a colleague from ONCE, and I immediately wanted to know what it was.

So I got in touch with Antonio Quesada, and from the first moment I wanted to be part of this project.

I did an apprenticeship with Antonio Quesada and Daniel Fuertes, it was a very amusing virtual reality, and it was surprising to me how they had conceived it, it was like the dynamics of a children’s game with advanced technology.

I have internalized the rumor that you hear every time your eyes look at an object or an obstacle, “pssssssssssss” or “pppppppppps”, depending on the volume of the object, it was as if I was listening to the sea, but that rumor did not prevent me from continuing the conversation with Antonio or Dani, and that fascinated me, I could talk, move, and know what was in front of me.

It was easy to get used to how the glasses work; I firmly believe that a person who is blind or has low vision can be given an autonomy that we did not have before.

Can you imagine what it means for a blind man to be able to detect a table before he stumbles upon it? Or that the glass of water is right in that place?

The more Antonio Quesada told me about all the innovations that could be added in the near future, the more I liked the idea. It was not something closed, but that could evolve and continue to improve.